Diagnostic Services

PENTA provides a full range of diagnostic services

Below you will find all the testing procedures that we provide here at PENTA. Please click the + to learn more about the procedure.

What to expect during a Comprehensive Audiogram:
Audiometry provides a more precise measurement of hearing. This is accomplished via headphones or inserts. The audiogram begins with testing your understanding of speech. First, you are asked to repeat two-syllable words that will gradually get softer in level. Then, a list of monosyllabic words will be presented at your most comfortable listening level, which you are asked to repeat. Once speech testing has been completed, pure tone thresholds(the softest level you can hear) are obtained. Pure tones of controlled intensity are delivered to one ear at a time. You are asked to raise a hand, press a button, or otherwise indicate when you hear a sound. The minimum intensity (volume) required to hear each tone is graphed. An attachment called a bone oscillator is placed against the bone behind each ear (mastoid bone) to test bone conduction.

By combining the results of all the different parts of an audiogram we are able to determine your amount of hearing as well as the type of hearing loss.